Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Messed up life

Found this when I went shopping in the flea market yesterday..
Super duper adorable !!!! hahahaha.. I'm going to wear it everyday :D

Oh ya, I finally got my dance costume from china... weeeeeeee~~ Very excited and nervous too. My costume is quite heavy where I might not be able to move that smooth. =.= At least it is something I designed. We all thought it will turn out odd cause I'm always have weird taste but god bless it turns out almost like what I expected.

Competition is just 4 days to go.. And I haven't been practicing. Don't ask me why. I just couldn't practice when I was trying very hard to correct our steps and mark the steps in order to improve our dance. While he did not really accept any advice and insist to go on his way. What can I do? practically nothing.

I knew when things come to this stage, is doesn't look good. As competition is less than a week and we are arguing over something like these. Not matured enough I guess. But anyhow, I would appreciate if you could at least listen to me instead of pushing me away. I guess now you understand how is the feelings when someone totally ignored you. I'm just trying my very best to make things better, but it turns out the other way round.

yea, a lot of people will think that it's my problem as I have very bad temper. But you guys don't understand. It's a partnership. It should be two person working together, co-operating to create a better result. I admitted that my enthusiasm towards dancing was affected by this but I really love dancing, and I do not want any of these to affect it. I finally found something I can attached to, and really love doing it. Hence,I will do whatever to get over this.


Hollie said...

hmmm... totally understand that kind of feeling, dancing is about two person but not just one. Explain to him that everything you're doing is for the partnership, the dance and for the both of you, not only for your own interest and whatever selfish thinking, communication is important i guess? keep it up! do communicate with me too if anything goes wrong in our partnership ;D

Reanne said...

Yea, thanks a lot for the advice :D
It's true that partnership requires a lot of communication and sharing. It doesn't work if only one of them is trying. Hence, the phrase "It takes two to Tango" is always right :)

Appreciates them a lot.. Thanks again *hugs*