Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Toilet Bowl Hugger :(

Yea as the title mentioned. I've been hugging my toilet bowl for almost 2 days. I thought I had food poisoning, went to the doctor but the medicines ain't working at all. So I guess it's not food poisoning after all. Dad said probably because of the buffet another night. Cause I seldom eat that much after the surgery and now I'm eating like nobody else business :((( grrrrr.

I think my doctor thought I was pregnant or something like that.. He asked me about my mens and stuff.. Checking on my stomach but did not ask me what I ate the previous day. haha. But only after he checked on my weight.. He found out something weird. I've been losing a lot a lot of weight. And this is abnormal. 2 weeks ago I was weighing 108 pounds and now I'm 99 pounds. He warned me not to go on diet but hell no I will go on diet.. I miss food after my surgery !!

Dad cooked seafood today. Ewwwww never once I felt seafood is disgusting only until today. I ate the fish and I couldn't believe that I split it out immediately. It's soooooooo smelly. I tried the prawns and had the same feelings.. Even my favorite soup, I barely could finish a bowl =.=

All I wish to eat were ginger?(had them... XD) jelly?(made them immediately,strawberry flavor :p) scones?(will have them tomorrow) Yea, those are the food that came up to my mind now.. And fyi I'm freaking hungry. Food poisoning patient will never be as active as I were. They might me lying on the bed like a dead meat. But I still can walk, watch tv, render my stupid 3D and surfing the net. But I don't feel weak, just that I have to run to the toilet a lot more often that I used to. =.=

*I'm working on a d.i.y fabric flower that can be used on headbands, hairpins, brooches and so mny more.. Stay tuned :)*


Annie said...

Hey :) I'm really sorry to hear that you've been losing weight, I pray you feel better and soon! And my older brother is just like you, he cannot stand any kind of seafood, my mum used to hate it, haha, anyways, hope you're doing good, aside from the body thing, you'll be fine :)

Reanne said...

Thanks Annie, appreciate it lots <333
I'll make sure I get well very very soon :)
SO i get to eat all those delicious and scrumptious seafood again :D