Friday, October 8, 2010

Back on the track

Hi peeps, sorry it's been a busy week after class started. I will try my best to blog as much as I could to keep you guys update :)

It's been a week and I've already have tons of coursework. Everything came together and I guess I'm going to have my brain stuck. The coursework are interesting but of course it's "heavy". By heavy I mean lots of research, thinking, brain-storming etc.

But I do have some interesting coursework that I really longed for it. I took up an elective module for Advanced Computer Design. We are going to learn Advanced Vray and 3D Studio Max.. which are really great :D and our first project will be designing our own 3D Model. :) But speaking of which, we are not allowed to grab 3D Model and drop it to a scene or space ( not like what we used to do in Pratique). Here, we have to draw everything by ourselves, from tiny little screw to the whole architecture building or even a car. And we have to know about the mechanism of each and every furniture we are using. This is pretty scary but exciting. I can imagine myself slamming my keyboard already. But I am looking forward to it. :)

We have another course which is Branding and Presentation, which I think is very important for all designer out there. Branding is really important. Presentation too. :p In this modules, we need to create storyboard,video, and lot's of photography. Interesting isn't it?

What's killing me is the dissertation. 5000 words. This will require a lot of research. Grammar, spelling and vocabulary have to be super good. Primary and secondary sources :| Never knew design course will need to do dissertation. But I will do whatever it takes to get good grades :) 

We have internships too.. which is really good :) We get to choose to continue working here after we graduate or go back to our country. really good experience though.

What excites me most is the competitions. We are joining 2 competitions and these are a really good chance to expose ourselves in the Design field. This is where people can spot your talent and is a place where you can exhibit your work. Most of our seniors got into good firm from these competition. So I consider myself very lucky to get the chance to join :)

That's it for now, you must be scratching your head cause you don't know anything I'm talking about. Don't mind me, I'm just getting too excited when it comes to my course. :)

Take care peeps. xx


seXy mouse said...

hey, jyjy. That's what i said challenging and experiencing something diff. It's a totally diff education environment. This is really what so call university life... Kind of regret i didn't squeeze in earlier.. but anyway, at least i tried.
Huh...really hope to go somewhere else which is diff from here again.
Anyway, all the best ya. Miss ya.;)

Reanne said...

Haiz, hope so.. Finger crossed.
So many course work come together.. :(
I'm so going to die now !!! argh..
please come and find me :)