Monday, October 4, 2010

A day out to Camden :)

Kooi Bee came to overnight at my place and we had fun in Camden. Though the weather is bad, but we still manage to get to places. It's really nice to see her again after a year :) haha

It's been raining cats and dogs almost everyday here. Probably that means winter is coming very soon :D

This is the last weekend before class starts. I guess by then I will be back in track like I used to be. Busy with coursework, rushing here and there. sigh~ Hope it won't be too busy for the first month. :(

Have an interview for a job tomorrow too. Finger crossed for it.. :D *good luck*

Camden Town

Look at those cool buildings :p

How pretty is this.. <3

Horse Tunnel Market    

Plates !!!
The bike seating space is soooo cute !

Inside the Horse Tunnel market. Full d vintage and antiques items. Clothing, Suitcases, hats, books, magazines, posters, instruments. etc

How I wish I could own them all !!! Love it so so so much. One day, I will get one. haha
Oxford !
Turkey Evil Eye for one pound each.

Ahhhhh~~ My favorite CHURROS !!! I had the half & half which contain both caramel and chocolate sauce. wooolala~
It has fillings too. ANNABEL, I'm sure you miss this too :p
Vintage stuff !!!!!

Lunch~ Lamb shoulder with Yorkshire pudding, stuffed balls, carrots, broccoli, green peas and potatoes. *yum*

Sotong's homemade wrap !
Not bad huh :p


niko toyiko said...

nice it...have to visit that if i have the chance too~

Reanne said...

Yea, please go there one day.
It has lots and lots of stuff there :p