Saturday, October 2, 2010

Where are all the party people?

First attempt to twist my fringe up. My hair is a messed now. No time to trim it myself :(

Yesterday was the International Students Party. Went out with Marie during the afternoon and hung around Oxford Street. Couldn't really find what we were supposed to find. Awwww~ Wanted to buy every single things we see but we knew we can't :p

Went back to dress up and left to The Rocket. The party was supposed to start at 7pm but we went there at 8pm and the party wasn't started yet. The place wasn't really hard to find. We found it once we saw the whole crowd outside the club. Waited for almost an hour outside and I was freezing queue-ing there. damn~

We thought it will be fun and happening. But FML, it wasn't. Not at all. The music was bad, the atmosphere was even worse. Most of the people just stuck with their own group. And we were there wandering around drinking. =.= Really really boring, no kidding. Where is the DJ? Where are the hitz music? Why is he singing and who is he?????? 

Well, no offense. He wasn't that bad, I just prefer the original singer, that's it. Left quite early and we swear the next one will be a lot better than this.. hahahaha. But luckily Marie was there with me, else I'll be rotting in there alone.. :p

She is really lovely. Nice and friendly too :) 
Glad to know her 

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