Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Eating like a King :)

I swear I will go back there again. In 5 years time. 
And make sure I can speak fluent French.
Bring a sketchbook and start to draw. :) 

Been enjoying all the food I cooked myself. But I'm starting to get bored. Cannot think of any other food to cook anymore. So I prepared myself a very rich breakfast : Scramble eggs, toast, and Smoothie.. Hmmm~

Then went out to get some art materials. Gosh~ I'm super super regret I didn't bring all my stuff here. The art shop our lecturer recommends us is very huge, they are like a one stop art shop, they have everything you need. But the price is way too high compare to Msia. I wonder if I should ask dad to send me all my stuff from Malaysia, but I guess it will be costly and who knows my things will reach here damaged. Hmmmph~

Then, went to Spitalfield Market for Lunch. The weather is pretty cooling, not as cold as the past few days. But a cup of coffee will definitely help :) Most of the restaurants are in long queue, maybe it's because too many office buildings nearby.

 Classic with veg.
contains Ham, cheese and mushroom.

Came back and started to boil my ABC soup. Only get to drink it around 8pm. First time but very proud of myself. kekeke XD

I'm starting to paint again. Been ages since I touched my watercolor. have to practice my skills. XD What should I paint then? Eiffel tower? The view outside my window? The tower bridge?? Hmmmm~ Any idea?


幸福醒了 said...

well done hehe ur soup looks nice :D
let's draw the view outside ur window.. coz i want to seeee hehehe

Reanne said...

Quite proud of myself with the soup too, but thanks anyway ;)

Hmmm, I've posted the view outside my window in my FB. checked it out.. Nothing really nice though, but it's great sitting in front of the window drawing :)

seXy mouse said...

hey, you bring yr starbucks tumbler thr..XD. but i think the normal coffee shop's coffee thr is good enough and cheap. Oh miss those coffee smell and environment..

Reanne said...

I brought it here because I dont have a water bottle.. hehe

Well, in London, Costa is way famous than Starbucks. haha so Uhm, haven't really have time to sit down and try the coffee.. You know I'm not a coffee person. But would like to try it out one day XD