Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I LOVE my course

Went for the first session in Uni today. Not many people showed up. I guess not everyone are like us showing up an hour earlier =.= Most of them must have been in the 2nd of 3rd year. But still, it was around 30 people there.

Our class are mainly in the studio /workshop. So it's a lot better. The studio is huge and it really looks like a design studio. A bit messy here and there with all the boards, student artwork etc etc, but that is what you called a STUDIO :) A place where the inspiration and innovation will come to you.

Most of the students that showed up are in their fresh year for BA. And apparently, I'm the only Asian. Some of them are quite old too. Probably around 3x or 4x. There are a few who came back after their gap year. But only 3 students in the final year showed up =.= Includes me. :p

Ms K briefed us about the course and modules. I was so excited listening to every bits of them. I thought my course will be only doing plain Interior Design. But guess what, we will learn about Photography, a little of Illustration, Fashion and Textiles design, new technology that are being applied in Architecture/construction/material, landscape design, Branding, Graphic and packaging Design, and last but not least. Architecture !!!!! weeee~ Ms K also told us, who said ID can only work in a space, we can do architecture here too. of course not those tall tall building. So so so excited and couldn't wait for my class to start.. Another thing, they want us to shoot a video and post it up in Youtube, yay I get to learn podcasting and filming.. :p

According to the lecturer. We will not be staying in the studio most of the time. We will go sight seeing around London. Get to know the famous building and visit the museums. They even asked us to go to high fashion street, to check out all the fashion stores, the decorations, the interiors, the branding and how they attract customers.

They also asked us to go to see all the christmas window decoration when xmas is about to come. :) Can't wait~ So so so excited now. hahaha. Oh ya, they even have 2 laser cut machines in school.. weee~ and the lecturer also introduced us to sme art and design warehouse where we can get whatever we want there. I didn't bring most of my stuffs... grrrrrr have to buy them again.. OMG I only brought my marker and scale ruler.. I don't know why scale ruler, maybe I cannot work without them?

Class will only start next week. But the lecturer have already gave us 2 places to visit before next Tuesday. Hmmmm. Better get my study mood back and throw the slacky queen away.:p

Tate Museum
I'm so going to check this out. Bring my sketchbook and camera. here I come...muahahahaha

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