Monday, September 27, 2010

The weird dinner ever

Guess what is this???
Came back around 6pm and most of the stores were closed. So I can only cook whatever I could find from the fridge. O.O Way too hungry, and some of the foods are going to expire.
So here you go, Sotong's weird dinner - Mushroom + egg + ham. sweat O.O''

It was freezing cold today, as usual. But I finally got myself a jacket. weeeeee~
Oh man, been spending a lot since I moved in to London and my stupid dorm. have to tied my tummy with a belt next week onwards.. XD
And of course, eating like a King =.= Definitely gaining tons of weight. 

Munching strawberry toast now. Not really satisfied from the weird dinner just now. I miss my Poco :( Saw a Miniature Pintcher outside my dorm.. awwwwww~ Hope he is happy there. TSM please don't scold Poco :P and please don't call him stupid, please play with him once in awhile too XD

I miss dad, I miss Bel, I miss Poco, I miss Maria, I miss my bed (the bed is too soft =.=), but I'm not homesick. Just been awhile since I last talked to them. When they are free, I'm out. When I'm back they are sleeping like a pig. Sigh~ So boring. Complain again :D

That's it for today, have to wake up very early to go for a session at my U. 
Good night peeps. Toodles ~


zyniz said...

ahahhaha sometimes i did that too , everything that i can find from the kitchen i will just throw inside pot cook together with soup ahhahahah !!! High five dear lol !

Reanne said...

haha, I wonder if this is what student who study abroad do XD

Hollie said...

your dinner is indeed weird, but that's what I always cook! I didn't mean to, but the food just turned out to be like that... LOL~

totally understand that kind of feeling :P

Reanne said...

Hahahaha, glad there is someone like me.. I was so afriad my roommates will come out and found out that I'm cooking that. But it really doesn't taste that bad. XD

Hollie said...

Yes!!! it doesn't taste bad one, it just looks weird! and it happens to just suit our appetite! right? haha at least in my case :P

Reanne said...

haha yea, of course :) We are the weird ones.. hahahahahahaha :D