Sunday, September 26, 2010

The enrollment :)

Went to the international enrollment at the University. Not many people though, maybe they went there early cause I only go there around 2pm. I thought they were supposed to go according to the surname, but apparently all of them just anyhow go. So did I, mine was supposed to be 330pm but I went at 2pm. I reached there at 130pm so I went sightseeing again, this time, I walked across the Tower Bridge. So awesome :D

Then, I went to Starbucks, because it was so damn cold and I'm only wearing my blazer =.= I seriously need to get one jacket. haha XD While I was queue-ing for my coffee, MAX LOOI prank call me. I'm not sure if that is what he meant to do at first, but well he succeeded. He sounds soooooo CHINESE (you know what I mean). He was asking me something and I just go :"huh? huh? huh?". STUPID !!! If you see this, you will get it from me when I see you. And please come and find me with Wai Leong, so effing boring :((((((

Met 2 really nice girl during the enrollment, one is from Taiwan who holds a spouse visa in UK and another girl from Norway. Nice to meet you guys :)

I'm going to the International students party this thursday with her, hope its a blast one !

I then stopped by at the Camden Market and felt so in love with it. So many things to see, so little time again =.= It was so packed and I was rushing home. So I decided to go tomorrow, with Autumn, my roommate :) Yeeeepeee~

Oh ya, and I was stuck outside my room :( Cause normally I don't need key to get in if I didn't lock it. Cause it is like the hotel key card system. And how in the world I would know that they will have auto locking system? Yea, that's why, me with no jacket waited quite some time for the authorities to open the door.. FML

That's all for today. :)
Hope you enjoy reading,


xx Reanne

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