Saturday, September 25, 2010

Somehow I think I'm right

I was complaining about my flat ever since I moved in. Yea, this flat is boring but what can I do about that? Yesterday, a flatmate of mine told me that he is going to move out of this flat if there is someone who willing to swap. Like I said previously, most of my roomies never get out of their room and we barely spoke to each other.

When he told me about that, at once, I felt like moving out too. Before I sleep, I tossed and turned just to think about this. Should I move too? But then, I woke up from my thoughts of moving out and asked myself :" Are you sure you will move in to a better room? What if they were the same or worse? What if you get a room with lots of broken stuff? What if your room is no longer red but the blue?"

Yea right. I never should have think of this question at first. I'm just being impulse. I am very happy with the conditions of my room except for the broken chair ( yea, I don't have a chair and I have to sit on the shelf to reach my laptop). And I love the color of my room. And regarding the roomies, it's not really a big problem though. When my class starts, I won't be that bored anymore :)

Sometimes, people just can't always get what they want. We have to accept what we have and appreciate them ( but I kept complaining, yea I know, I'm trying ). Things don't always be the way we wanted. When we are given something we never expect or never like, We have just got to accept the fact and go on with it. I somehow said this like I never did any of the above, I admit, I always do complain and that's how I learn from the lessons :)

I finally bought my pots and pan :) weeee~ 20 pieces set for only 19.99 pounds. I went to Sainsbury's and get some REAL food for my dinner :) Baked aubergine with chopped tomatoes, onions, garlic and Mozzarella Cheese. *thumbs up* call me a pro, but yea the photo looks disgusting though, but it tastes soooo good :D

That's it for today :) Take care peeps.

xx Reanne


kaimin said...

yea that's why everyone will grow no matter to what extent when they study overseas.

go ikea buy a good armchair.. like mine :) love it to the max. cost you only 69 pounds. definitely worth the price :)

Reanne said...

hmmm, armchair?
They will exchange another chair for me next week :)

nonie said...

Hey!!! You cooked!! And seriously, it looks yummy! Proud of you, with bugs here (the poor thing is stuck with me still! - making her do an essay. She's grumbling all the way.... ha ha ha)

And oh, she wants to know who's comment did you delete?

Reanne said...

Hi Nonieeeee :)
Glad to see your comment :D

Haha, stuck with the essay? good luck then XD

Oh, that's my own comment, I clicked too many times and it appears two times there. :p

Belouvre said...

Btw, I wasn't complaining ALL THE WAY.
She exaggerated. :D

Reanne said...

Then what? Complaining all the time?? XD

Haha good luck and have fun with essays. I need to get my mood back for study too.. Sigh~