Friday, September 24, 2010

Life goes on

It's the fourth day since I moved in to my dorm. And I have already explored quite a lot of places nearby. :)

It was raining when I woke up. And the rain didn't stop until 2pm. :( Wanted to go to Camden town but the stupid rain ruined it. So I went to check out Tower Hill campus around 3pm. I also went sight seeing at the tower bridge and the London Tower.

It was fun sight seeing and checking the surroundings alone. The weather was pretty cool after the rain. I get to walk beside the river and feel the breeze. It was soooo romantic. haha

Came back and grabbed a Subway sandwich for dinner. Talked to dad a bit and continued with my Criminal Minds.. XD I understand why Bel used to sit in front of PC the whole day. Get so addicted once I started.

One of my roomies is actually moving out. Because this is a very very boring flat. Most of my roomies don't get out from their room and I barely see them. That made me feel like moving too. But I doubt I can get an exchange as the whole Pacific Court is full. :( Well I guess I could just get my finger crossed for another girl who hasn't move in yet.

But at least tonight wasn't that bad. I help one my my roomies to prepare his dinner and pass him some softwares. There is totally no interaction between the rest of the roomates. Shoot me. =.= And he is the one who is going to move out. I'm going to have a very rough year ahead. Hope that I get some classmates who stay here too.

I tried knocking their doors but no one seemed to answer.. Silly isn't it? What to do. Just kinda bored shopping alone. Hope to get some company. Grrrr

The Breakfast


 The room.
Love my bed. It's huge.. Well smaller than what I used to have but its larger than a single bed and a few inches smaller than a Queen Size Bed.
I love how my bed sheet blends with the red wall. 
My toilet is pink though :D

I forgot what is the name.
But it is a historical Palace.


 The tower Bridge

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