Thursday, September 23, 2010

I hope school starts ASAP

Coloured my nails. Like the color of my bed sheet and the wall.
with red

This is boring, like seriously BORINGGGGGG !!
I hope school starts tomorrow, I couldn't be bothered if there are lots of stress or homework, I just need to get out of my room. =.= I'm going to rot in here.. Fcking boringgg.

Was invited to the next flat yesterday. Hmmm, fun? for them, yeah very fun. For me? Nah~ I'm the only one who is not from UK. We don't really have common topic, so yeah imagine that.. They are enjoying drinking shots and mixed cocktails? ( I didn't really know what is it, they just make them out of what they have ) while I was busy playing with my cell's game. Lame isn't it. Tried to find topics, but most of them knew each other previously so uhm they kinda get along pretty fast.

Oh ya, and they thought I eat whatever that walks and moves in my country. Dolphin meat?? haha, why would I want to eat Dolphin meat.

Sat there until 12am and I decided to head back to my room and continue my Criminal Mind. I knew they tried to talk to me as I'm obviously sitting there like a silly girl. But we always ended up with a piece of silence.. Man, this is not good. :( But I still manage to meet lot's of people there. Most of them are going to the same U as mine. They are very niceeeee and friendly though :)

Was supposed to go London sightseeing with them but I couldn't wait any longer as it was already 2pm. So I went Marble Arch.. haha Primark was awesome <333333

Nothing else I can do =.=

Wuuuulala ~ Shopping !!!
Dad will kill me.. but then this is just 40 pounds in total? Dead cheap? Even if you convert.
It's from PRIMARK . Love it.. <3
Shoes are 5 pounds each. Jeans are 8 pounds each.
And what, the shirt are 2.5 pounds?? XD
Bel, we should actually stop there that time.. I can get you checked shirt.

The so called Four Cheese Ravioli with very little cheese and a lot of flour =.=
I ate half and I couldn't continue eating, way too filling with the flour and cheese.

I texted Bel when I was in the tube heading to Marble Arch. She asked me to get a "good" book and read so I won't be that bored. She also suggested me to do that while I'm having my tea O.O
A book? I left all my books at home.. ;( I don't see any bookstores here anyway, just a blockbuster movie shop. But I really need to get one, how about thriller, horror or serial killer kinda books?? kekeke XD

Will check out Camden Town tomorrow. According to the web, they have lots of stalls...

Okay, nothing much to blog.
So good night peeps. toodles~


Belouvre said...

Hey, when you see a shop named 'W H Smith', don't just walk passed it, it's a book store!
A very wide chained book store in UK I suppose, because I see it almost everywhere. :D
Pay attention to your surroundings.

Reanne said...

I just checked. There is no bookstore nearby.
Oh ya, I almost text you cause I saw a seal near tower bridge.. so nice. but it's 9.99 pounds. You want it?
I wanted to take a photo and show you but errrrrr my camera ran out of battery cause I was busy taking the London Bridge.

xo,Ashley said...

everything's gonna be fine!I was stoning inside my room when I just moved here.have fun in london!grab me an en dao gia if you see any k ;)

Reanne said...

haha, hope so..
So gonna rot now....grrrrrrr
Thanks anyway ^^

Hahaha, All the angmoh are younger than me.. :(
But super tall, keen??? XD

幸福醒了 said...

heyhey!! i went marble arch primark today too leh >< hehe

Reanne said...

Awwww~ I need to go shopping.. need to get some winter clothing..
Are you still in London? When are you coming again??? X)
It's been almost 3 weeks but I haven't meet you up yet. :(

My orientation starts on Saturday..sigh

幸福醒了 said...

weiiii, why you sigh de? i guess life would be less dull when school start :) i just went london 1 day, next time i go london i tell u, then we can meet up :)

Reanne said...

hahah please let me know aight. :)