Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The New Chapter Of My Life

I have finally moved in to my dorm in London. Not as bad as I expected. The design is quite modern and its red and white. Coincidencely my bed sheet is red too :) Niceeeeeee
Most of the flatmates have moved in too. They are quite nice and I have another school mate that is in the same course too :) Yay~!

Today, I did what I'm supposed to do in the whole week. I did all of them in a day. I'm going to be bored to death.

Went to Sainsbury's to get most of the grocery stuff. Then came back and cook my lunch. After that, I rushed out to check out the tube. Managed to get to two of the campuses of my school. And I found ARGOS and bought myself a headset (but the wrong one @.@ swt). Bah, will go and refund tomorrow .. sigh

And I found the Old Spitalfield's Market... weeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ Gosh they have so many restaurant there. and there is a big compound with lots of stalls selling vintage, handcrafted and antiques. So many to see, so little time. The woman told me it will be super pack during Sunday. I should totally check it out on Sunday..XD It's like a bazaar..

The weather today is soooo hot. It says 14 degree but I only wore short sleeves and I'm sweating.. Weird~

My breakfast :P one meal I will never miss in a day.

Mushroom Pappardelle
Super filling but I finished it O.O

Spaghetti Carbonara
I have to stand up to watch my Criminal Minds now.=.= TOO FULL.oh man!

Hmm, what should I do tomorrow? Shopping? Boringggg~

oh ya, dad Skyped me and told me that Poco learned a new skill. Dad said :" Don't know I should say he is smart or stupid". Dad was having supper and he wanted to call the maid. So, he asked Poco to call Maria. And my baby just ran all the way back to the maid's room and knocked her door with his head... hahaha, what a skill ~ But I love it.. good boy <3


seXy mouse said...

weeewe... i miss those life. i was feeling pity last time, sometimes got no idea what shld cook for the day. Did grocery shopping alone, felt so pity.... but now i miss all those time. It's a good experience too. Haha.. you got a lot more to go on. Experience hard dear.. XD

Reanne said...

haha, don't worry, I will..
When I go back the next time. I'll be a strong and tough Sotong. Oh ya, forgot to add -- FAT sotong.. XD
the amount of my food intake per day is scary.. XD well cold weather. I need food to keep me warm.. *excuse*