Thursday, September 16, 2010

Paris Trip

Miss me anybody?? :D
I've been eating like a king =.= Western food are always so appealing. In one month time, I'll be a pig !! haha, I thought I will miss Malaysian food, but probably not at the moment, still enjoying the food here.. XD

Just came back from Paris. Went sightseeing by Metro, bus and subway. haha, kinda adventurous and exciting as we don't speak French and they refused to speak English. But we still managed to go to most of the tourist attractions. Didn't have time for shopping :(

I promised myself I will go there in 5 years time. And make sure I can speak fluent French.. French guy very endao.. hahahaha.. Just joking :p But the food, ewwww. Ate more or less the same food most of the days.

Montmarte, Paris.
I love the structure of the building, the surroundings of the building is so comfortable.

Bel and the Sotong :p

Arc de Triomphe,Paris

Look at all the details, every single details on it were engraved by hands.

The night scene of Eiffel Tower, Paris.

Hotel de Ville, Paris

The Notre Dame, Paris

Morning scene in Eiffel Tower, Paris


I seriously love this sooooooo much <3 Nice one.

Haha, bye Paris <3

Palace de Versailies, Paris


seXy mouse said...

i promise my self must travel around Europe one day, at least once. Sigh... will my dream come true?! Ya, maybe, perhaps, possible... but don't know when. Dear, promise me must enjoy yr life there, you're lucky! All the best and take care. miss ya >.<

Reanne said...

Sexy mouse,

Hey.. Trust yourself, if you have a goal, work hard to archive it. :D I know you can do it. *wink*

I'll enjoy my life here, do enjoy yours too aight.. All the best :3

Miss you too <33

seXy mouse said...

ya, last wkend my friend and i met up a friend back from Melb. This gathering make us feel like escape from here. After all, we talked about our dream before i came back. We planned to backpack to Europe or apply working holiday visa...
And now we've got a new plan, (hehe)we plan to visit you in UK next yr if my financial allow. ~.~ wish my dream come true...*>.<*

Reanne said...

If you come and find me, we can go Paris by National Rail.. so one stone kills 2 birds.. weeee~~
Please start to save.. Hope to see you soon aight.. XD

suat yee said...

babe glad that you are doing great

Reanne said...

Thanks babe.. Miss you loadssss <3