Friday, September 10, 2010

Just an update

Hi peeps, I've reached UK and the weather is uhm FANTASTIC :) Food are awesome, weeeeee (no rice, YES!!!)
Staying at Aunt Jenn's house, Hospitality rated 5 out of 5 stars :) Food are good too XD
Not going to write a lot here, my lappie is running out of batt, pictures say it all :D Have fun ~

Isn't she cute? hahahaha She looks like Japanese, that is why people spoke Japanese to her no matter where we go.. Cute one :D

Yummeeeee plums, we picked a bunch back home :) and of course tested a lot in the farm XD

Pumpkins :DDDD *huge*

No idea who are they, they just ran into us when we pressed the shutter. Though it is spontaneous, it looks good too :D Dad said he will enrol into the university in order to know more girls.. hahaha :D
I was squeezed until my eyes just left with two lines.. lmao~

Chapel near Aunt Jenn's house :) Naiss~

Sakura at Aunt Jenn's house.... preeeeety

All the Raspberries and blackberries Bel picked.

Love this, Bel took it when all of us were finding her and thought that she was lost in the farm.

Raspberries :D

The King University :p


幸福醒了 said...

hey hey!! i dont know that your dad coming tooo!! that's really nice!! :) wei wei, i think i went to the farm you went toooooo :) hehehee!! yeah, there are still lots to explore!! enjoy!! =D

Reanne said...

haha yea they came too for vacation XD
What is your exact location ???
thanksss hope to see you soon

幸福醒了 said...

hahaha, my exact location is HATFIELD :) hehehe, want come my convo in november?! =D

Reanne said...

Sure sure, if I don't have class and actually get used to this place.. XD
update me about it okay?
Are you going back immediately after your convo?

幸福醒了 said...

okay!! will update you :P hehe, nope immediately after convo but soon, will be going back mid of january and not coming back dy :(