Thursday, August 26, 2010

Please be strong for me

When you have a pet, you have the responsible to take care of it. No matter in what form, feeding, petting, bathing, and also cleaning the poo. Poco is one of my pet that is closest to me as he is staying inside the house and he can go everywhere he wants, sleeping on Bel's bed when she was away to college counts too. (luckily she didn't know, or else she will slaughter me and her room will smell like dettol again >.<)

Remember when I have my first pet, a hamster from my cousin. I came back everyday from school and the first thing I do was rushed to the cage and play with it. Until one day, when I came back from school, I noticed that my hamster was soooo stiff. My mum was baking in the kitchen, I immediately ran to her and asked her why is my hamster still sleeping and it didnt wake up no matter how I moved it. She called the cousin from Singapore as I requested, asked if that was normal or it was sick and needed medication. Mum hung up the phone and told me there was no way and my hamster was dead. It was super upset. I was super innocent that I didn't know that dying is a part of life cycle. I then buried my hamster at the back yard and planted a rose on top of it. ( my rose bloomed once and was ruined by the heavy rain)

I'm not really sure if I'm suitable to be an owner or even own a pet. As I couldn't bare the feelings of losing them. I bet all the owners out there are the same. Sometimes, I even quarrel with my dad or sis over something because of my dog. I know you might be thinking " is it worth it? quarreling with your families over a dog?". All I can say is I treat them like my family. Of course there are priorities, more important one. I was at the Pet shop yesterday, buying Poco's dog food. I chose a larger package over a small one and Bel told me :" why don't you take the small one, if Poco died you will waste all the food". The tears filled my eyes instantly and I was so pissed. Perhaps she just doesn't understand.

Back to the point =.= swt, crapping too much. Brought Poco for X-ray today. And apparently all the yoga poses he did wasn't just being yogaish. He is in pain. The X-ray showed that he swallowed a metal that is about 2.5cm. I went to the vet early this month and its been 2 weeks and Poco is still in pain. The doc said it needed to be removed as Poco refused to eat anything. Its a better solution.

But surgery has it risks. I might lose Poco. And this is something I hope it won't happened. I'm going to send him off tomorrow morning and I'm super nervous now. But if the surgery is successful, he will only discharge on Sunday. I'm going to pray very hard for him. I believed he will stay strong and tough for us, and the surgery will go well. He is so tiny and haven't been taking any of his meals recently, I hope he is strong enough for it. Love you Poco.

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