Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The girl with her portrait

Went to the Clarins booth in MV last weekend and they happened to have an artist turning people into cartoons. And this is what it turned out to be.. I was laughing all the time, looking here and there and my cartoon turned out nothing like me.. XD
The artist is good, the rest of them get cute and nice cartoon portrait except for me..sob sob.
That is the consequences of moving here and there.. talking and looking at pretty ladies.. haha what to do.. It's way too boring to sit still... :D anyway they told me, the only thing that looks alike is the hat.. =.= Whatever, i'm still happy enough...bleh

Since when I have a mole at the bottom of my lips?? ahahah... technical error?? Anyway, it was fun.. And thanks to the artist for being so patient and tolerate.


I've been doing a lot of last minute shopping and ended up getting stuff I don't really need more than things I marked down in my list. I left with 2 weeks time.. and my competition is just one and a half week away.. we barely practice. =.= Been busy with this and that. It's like way too little time for so many things.. Not that I did not manage my time, it is just because everything just came so sudden and they clashed together... sigh~ I really could use 8 limbs now..

I'm trying very hard to meet up my friends before I leave, but you guys are wayyyyy too busy.. working people are not available in weekday and I'm always busy in weekends.. how how how.. Take MC... :P hahaha the snake queen :D
I want to go Genting.. :( anyone??? My seahorse...sob sob..

Below are some photos that I grabbed here and there.. Photos are everywhere=.=
So I could only upload what I have so far.. Leave the rest to you guys.
It was Doris farewell. I was not feeling really well that day and I have to work the next day so all my pictures turned out to be so CACAT =.= I dont know why..

I'm obviously not a good poser.. Seeeeee, so many shots but I couldn't get one nice photo with her.. OMG. Is it my problem or the photographer??? *ahem ahem*

Ahha, at least this is normal.. :D
I met one of my high school friend there just sitting beside us, barely could remember him.. XD Anyway it's nice bumping into each other after so long..

okay okay, I'm going to insert those balls into my bra.. Stop saying it's small... GRRRRRRR

The giant and the dwarfs... wahahhahahaha.. *kidding*

Let's end this post with this.. The best shot of all the photos I have.. Nice one though.. :)

I'm finding Oxford flats... Anyone know where can I get them?? As I only left with 2 weeks.. I can't wait for pre-order.... T_T Please pm me if you happened to see them anywhere... appreciate them a lot... thanks... *toodles*


Kaimin said...

love your T and dress to the max =) where you get that from?? btw, good luck in packing :P

Reanne said...

hey babe :)
I got the T from Singapore..
And the dress from Bangkok.. hahaha XD
Thanks.. Will try not to pack so many things.