Saturday, October 30, 2010

It's been almost 2 months.

Wooooosh~ Time flies. It's been almost 2 months since I've been to London. If you ask me how is my life here, I'll say "I'm fine". That explains all huh? I guess so. :p

Been really lazy to update my blog, I'm sorry. I promise I'll keep you guys update :D

Started my job training already. Hmm, kinda nervous though. Teaching is never that easy after all. Applying what you know on your assignment is totally different from teaching. We have to aware about the bully issue, the child abuse issue and also the different standard of understanding among them. But it will be definitely be interesting. Still cannot imagine myself wearing formal and working in my placement.. :D Waiting for the second job training though, hope it doesn't clash with my timetable..

I'm back to dancing again. It's always great to get back to dance. I just feel so relax and happy whenever I'm dancing. It's not like I'm born with the talent, but I believe when you really like something, you work hard for it. :) Been to the team tryouts, didn't really get in cause I don't know ballroom dance..sigh~ *disappointed* But they found me someone and we are having another tryout this Wednesday, hope it works *finger crossed* But the height is really an issue for me. I'm way too short.. Hmmmm, height is never a problem when I was in Malaysia though. lol

Halloween is coming soon :p Going to get some costumes tomorrow, hopefully. Trick or treat :P

Went to the cinema in London yesterday, my very first time. But I still prefer cinema in Malaysia. They are a lot cheaper and the cinema are way better than the one here. :p But anyway, it's always a first time. :) Looking forward to the SAW 3D though... wuuuuuhoooo~
Fun fair near the cinema
Elena :) xx

That's it for today, gotta get my ass back to my dissertation. zzzz

Toodles peeps :) xx

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