Wednesday, August 11, 2010

You are awesome the way you are

LOVE THIS snap shot. My eyes are almost closed but I love it. and my NOSE. omg
p/s i'm not strangling my dog.. he just loves to sleep on my hand like that :) He is too sticky recently, maybe he knew i'm leaving soon :( awwww~ I will miss him for sure T_T

What else more to say ?? CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE <3

I'm actually working that time, he just hop on my lap and that is it. Comfy and warm :)
but he looks so miserable. My baby is in pain. Haven't recover from high fever and tonsillitis. Poor thing. :( Hope he will get well soon.

Got these 2 badges from Taylor Charity Day (forgot what is the actual name). These 2 badges have already described the recent me entirely. Union Jack, here I come.. :p
and yeah, the second one describes me pretty well too.. The slack queen :D Left with 3 weeks time and my final Latin competition left with 2 weeks time. I skipped quite a lot of practices as I need to stay up late for work. :( and again, I haven't pack my luggage. Anyone free to shop with me??? I need to get all my stuff in the list asap..

okay, couldn't believe I'm so hardworking cause I'm still in front of my pc working... wahahahahah *proud of myself*.... bleh. Have to go back to work now.. Buaisss peeps. Good night and sweet dreams, do remember to cover your blanket and don't let the bed bugs bite you *wink*

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