Monday, August 9, 2010

Exhausted Weekend

At least, I'm starting to work on my luggage. Went shopping yesterday and the crowd is killing me. Long queues in front of all the cashiersand fitting rooms. The sales person are not enough to even entertain us.. XD So I only got one item from my list. Shit~

I want to go Genting, was supposed to plan it this weekends. But I myself don't even sure if i can make it. I want to get the seahorse I missed last trip!!~ SEAHORSE~SEAHORSE~SEAHORSE~ :(

I have a lot of plans for my friends but I don't have time :( They are working on weekdays so we only can make it during weekends. But I hate weekends. I don't like to squeeze in the crowd. Especially the shopping crowd, or the restaurant crowd. Waiting half and hour in front of the restaurant is not cool~!

Oh ya, I'm working very hard to GAINING my weight back :( With all the junk foods at home and the desserts after every meal. haha. Like what my friends told me. Don't throw all the jeans that you can't wear anymore. In a few months time, I'll be able to wear them again. The evil Bel told me :" Buy the specs you wanted very much though it's too big for you, CAUSE YOU WILL BE ABLE TO WEAR IT SOON!!". Skipped gym for half a year. Miss my gym mates :(

Control.. Control.. Control.. I have to stop eating all the junk food as I don't take rice. it's not good for health. =.= and yea, junk food is more like my energy food now. swt.

Went for photoshoot last saturday. Was a short one but very exhausted. I'm old.. :(
here are some photos to share :D

I actually got all the photos the next day.. but my lappie is still with the service center and I'm lazy to resize and compress it. Will upload the rest when I got my lappie back. :)
Anyway, credit to the photog for all the nice photos :D
*it was a bad hair day :( hair color CACAT ... fluffy hair... grrrrr

So, I dyed my hair yesterday.. Super spontaneous. :p
That's all for today, have to get my ass back to work , have fun reading ~!


Sweet Tootsie said...

Glad to know you enjoy your life a lot! Your hair looks good. Don't be so mean to yourself :)

Reanne said...

haha, Thanks :D
You too, have a great day ahead kay :)