Sunday, August 1, 2010

Updates :)

Have already uploads all the pictures from my cam.. Here you go peeps. Do check out more HERE. Not many pictures taken cause my one and only photographer did not follow me there.. She has to study for her upcoming exams :p

Was a great experience competing in Johor and Singapore. We did achieve good results too.. :) Very happy but more to improve.
In Singapore, we got 3rd place for Samba & Jive, 5th place for Cha Cha and Paso Dablo. In Johor, we got 2nd place for Cha Cha & Samba, 4th place for Rumba and Jive, 5th place for Paso Dablo.

Thanks to my partner for all the hard work and efforts. Thanks to Royce, Aunt Merle, Uncle William, Aunt Luisa and who ever who guided me when I'm wrong.. Appreciate them a lot a lot.. This might be the last competition as I'm leaving to UK very very soon. Will miss the days when I was still dancing and the fun I had in WLD. Hopefully, I can get to join any dance societies or clubs in UK. Or maybe find myself a partner there?? haha, dream on me.. But, what is wrong to dream big :D

I only left a month to go. Have to fully utilize this month, as that is the only time I left with my beloved friends and family. So I should start dating them :p Haven't really started to pack my stuff yet. Still being a full time slacker. Sleep, eat and dream is what I did today. Only woke up at 544pm due to a phone call. Or else I'll be sleeping like a dead pig till the next morning. :x

Here are some photos I got from my lomo.. Yea, I finally develop and scanned them into my pc.. after... errrrrr 3 months?? Dad has been nagging for my photos so here you go. =.= Obviously, they are all too dark and I have no idea what the hell did I took after looking back on some photos. But I still love it, its like taking photos in another angle or view. :X Enjoy~

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