Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Slacking Queen

Okay, the slacking queen has totally messed up her life. Not going to school or work is never a good choicefor me. Staying at home is definitely a waste of time as I will only sleep and eat. That's all. =.=

I slept at 5am yesterday or should I say this morning.. I'm having Insomnia for no reason. No stress, no pressure but still couldn't sleep. Woke up at 2pm because I need to fetch my sis.. then came back and slept till 8pm.. what a life. =.= Haven't even start to pack my luggage. Don't even know what to bring, my list is getting longer as if I'm bringing the whole room and wardrobe there.

Haven't even decide where to stay =.= omg, and I only left with one month time. I want to plan a trip with my friends before I leave. As most of them are going to have plans after their studies. Some of them are going to work, some of them are going back to hometown, some are still studying. Sigh, I've already started to miss them :(

Familiar? Saw this before in my previous post?? How do you like it?? I love it sooooooooooooooo much <3 A special someone drew this for me.. Nice right.. Appreciate a lot a lot.. and I really like it very very much. But I have no idea why the shoe is red.. :D Anyway thanks a lot a lot.. I've already made this my desktop background. Loving it ♥ soooo niceeeee, i mean the drawing.. haha..

Okay, that's all for today. Good night peeps, I better sleep early so that I can tune back my sleeping time !~


SeXy mouse said...

Do enjoy your slacking time, slacking queen. you'll miss this after a while. And please start packing your stuff on behalf of being slack.
**Ps*** I'm gonna to miss that slacking queen..sob

Reanne said...

Are you who I think you are?? The long lost MIA sexy mouse?? OMG you are back in action :)
Anyway, thanks. Will try my best to enjoy the rest of time I have here :D

seXy mouse said...

If you think i'm who you think, then i'm who you think i am..
Yeah, sexy mouse is always thr, just hibernating somewhere. +.+

Reanne said...

okay, you are the sexy mouse after all.. :p
Why hibernating>???? You have been missing in action for like?? N years =.=
Please wake up, be crazy, be wild be the mouse you used to be :)
last but not least, be yourself. Find the true you and don't hide it !
Glow and shine my sexy mouse :D

Belouvre said...

The very special person changed my shoe colour!
And your lovely dad really thought my shoe did change to RED.
He asked me yesterday. :S

Reanne said...

Belouvre : i thought you wore yesterday? Hahahah.. maybe he thought you sneaked to HK and buy another one???not bad what.. You should ask him :" Red looks good right? haha, why not you buy me one.. :p "