Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The power of cotton candy

It was a hectic day today. I'm super tired and I have no mood at all. I hate it when I have not enough sleep. It's like floating on the air all the time. I barely know anything.

Went to the night market after my dance class. Was not in the mood to dance tonight. I'm super duper exhausted. I messed up all the steps in class =.=Today is very unlucky for me. Everything I did went wrong. hmmmmph~ my brain is not working today. He took leave without acknowledging me.. zzz

Saw so many people holding fluffy cotton candies in the night market. I WANT THEM TOO~!!! So, I went searching all over the night market. Finally spotted the stall, picked the largest one, and of course the pink one... ngiek ngiek :p Happily holding my cotton candy and went back home.

Sometimes, it's not to hard to cheer someone up. I don't need no huge bouquet of flowers, boxes of chocolates, extremely long messages or anything you could think of to cheer someone up. All I needed is something sweet. :p Yea I knew it's bad for our health, but they do help. When I'm angry, I'll take chocolates or ice creams, when I'm unhappy I'll take lollipops and cotton candies. Oh ya, a sweet post, sweet comments, sweet message count too :p As long is sweet :D I have a sweet tooth, and it is one thing that is pretty hard to get rid off.

But different people have different way to solve their problems. Looking at my dad this morning, I can already feel the tense and stress by just looking at his face. I don't know what can I do to help. I wish I could take all the stress from him, but how? It's not as easy as feeding him cotton candies. Maybe I haven't really had any experience in a working life, I don't know how is it like. And I will never know how stress is it to be a good father cum mother. Making sure everything goes well in our life, plan everything for us and try his best to give us everything we want. I guess, I shouldn't even complain about my stress =.= It's like comparing a dot and a ball @.@

Anyway,cotton candy has made my day. :) Hereby, I hope everybody will be free from stress and have a sweet dream, sleep tight ya'all. Don't let the bed bug bite you :) Good night *hugs*

I tried to smile. haha, it turned out to be like this. Too lazy to retake another photo. So this is it.. :p Look at those eye bags. OMG


Anita said...

I'm sorry about how your day went but I am glad to hear that you found a way to get past it ;) Yes, sweet things are awesome, and come to think of it, reading this post makes me want to go devour some chocolates, haha!


Reanne said...

haha.. grab some chocolate then :)
Sweets are AWESOME. :p they are cute, the are colorful and they are helpful too X)
Anyway, thanks a lot Annie..
have a great day ahead.