Monday, July 21, 2008

Im sick of it

Well, Im suppose to revising for my history exam now. But I just couldn't remember a thing.
SIgh~ Its u again.. You always ruined my day, my mood my everything... ARGH.
Everytime when I want to get along with you nicely, you are the one who stopped me from doing that.
I wanted to tell u what ppl really think of u, what we really think of u, but I knew you wont accept it.
SO whats the point of telling you..
Whenever you are wrong, you will still insist that you are right.
We are sick of it. I might be crazy one day getting along with your stupid temper.
When can I get rid of all of these? I knew u won't change, nd nobody can change.
NOt even yourself will, cause you neevr think that you are wrong.
The wrong one will always us, NEVER U. not even once.
Sorry? I never heard of it from you. never.
Ill make u say it one day. I swear. a sorry from your heart,
I'm sick of it.. I really do.
A little concern from you will be great. Maybe :"How's your day?"? that will be good enough for me.
I wonder why are u so stubborn for not listening to anybodies' advices.
I wish I can tell u what i really feel of you on day.. Honestly, from the bottom of my heart.
And I cant see any chance by now. HAiz~
I wish you were here. At least I can share it with you.
Or maybe you will be suffering if you are here?
I dont know, I'm confused.
Speechless about this person. Its way too long to describe. Way too much things to say.
God bless~

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