Monday, July 14, 2008

I want a housemate =3

Hmm.. A sudden thought made me feel like having a housemate. A totally different girl.

Someone who is different from me, have different hobbies and interests. A DIFFERENT GIRL. <3

Maybe I can learn from her, something I dont have or something is good about her.

We can share thoughts and everything. We can do things together, chat together and etc.

The feelings are totally different from a best friend. Someone that live together and do things together. That must be fun.. or maybe not that fun.. haha.. who knows. (maybe i watched too much movie)

But its good when you have a housemate, two different person with different lifestyles stay together in a house.. whoah.. cool!! *daydreaming again*

hmmph. i guess ill have that chance only when i get to go oversea. T_T


Quite emotional these few days.. My mind was full of unnecessary stuffs..

I knew i should ignore unnecessary things at this moment. I have tons and tons of upcoming assignments.

Well i guess, assignment has consider as part of my life..
*it takes two to tango*.. So what's the point of wasting that time?
Maybe I should not really give a shit at first.
Well.. Its time to let go.. * meditate meditate..LOL*

Ways to release stress -->
-meditate for 7x7=49 days in a deep jungle.
-stick a photo of someone u hate on your soft toys (make sure its not some soft toys u like) and punch it 'kao kao'...hahaha
-eat eat eat.. ice cream, fondue, brownies.. sweet stuff makes me HAPPY (well dont be too impulsive if u are dieting. )
-talk to the dog... dont care if they really understand or not.hahaha

*yawnnnnnn* too tired to think.. good night..
lame post..sigh~

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