Saturday, July 5, 2008

Bugs With Her Cooking Lesson

Bugs And Her Cooking Lesson
haha.. here is bugs the chef again..
well sorry for keep showing her in my blog..
cause she is way too funny that i cannot dont post it up.. haha
anyway, enjoy~ well this one she just post for me to take a pic of hers.
end up ms Maria pour for her..
Maria asked:" sher may, the vege very heavy?" XD.LOL
changed her hand.. she said its tiring..
change pose again.. see her fist.. lol.. lol.. her tiring hand

hmmm.. let me try.. ~
Maria :" come on.. let me fry.. or else we have nothing to eat!"
Bugs :" okok.. good good.. *claps her hand*"

Lol.. well.. who say bugs cant cook? =.="
she didn't know i took the previous photo... haha
Haha... DONE.
Overall quite good..
but the vege too salty..
more to improve. XD

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