Friday, July 4, 2008

LASAGNA~~ weeeee!!!

Went to Carrefour with bugs today..
And decided to have homemade lasagna for dinner..weeee~
here's the progress on making out so-called lasagna >.<
fuiyoh, we bought all the needed ingredients... dont play play
Here comes our 'chopper' Miss Bugs.. woooo~ *sprinkle petals and ribbons*
Very PRO huh?
Who knows? Maybe she just posing in front of the camera.. hahaha XD
Only carrots are done by bugs.. others are done by Miss Maria.. haha
Here comes Bugs again.. hehe.. she was complaing that all the mushroom i cut was too ugly.
so she decided to cut herself =.="
Very pro huh?
See it from this view... wahsey.. That's really dangerous ._.
Ntg to do.. so I'll do the cooking with Maria
Minced meat, carrot, canned tomato, tomato paste, clove onion
Who say sotong dont know how to cook?
hahahahhaah XD
Our Pro Chef --Bugs..
One hand cooking and reading the instructions.. haha
LOL.... bugs also can cook what.. not to afraid nobody want to marry her d... =D
1st layer
Milk, cheese, butter, flour

hahahahaha... who say sotong cannot cook... seeeeeeee
too little cheese. >.<
nevermind.. space to improve.. wahahahaha... YAY!

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