Sunday, October 25, 2009

Thanks a lot :)

First of all, thanks for all who texted and called me for my birthday wishes.
Thanks a lot a lot :) muackksss

Besides that, I would like to thank to all those who made my birthday party so successful except for the rain. XD

A big big credit to Sotong's dad
Thanks for paying all the expenses that night.
Thanks for preparing all the foods.
Thanks for rushing here and there for everything.
Thanks for cooking all the good food that night.

Another big credit for my beloved sis : Bel
Thanks for making this party successful.
Thanks for arranging everything.
Thanks for the presents. I knew I made you broke.. thanks a lot
Thanks for all the surprises.
Thanks for being understanding during that period.
Thanks for making this happened.
I love you... always.. xoxo..

A huge credit for my beloved Ham
Thanks for the cake.. It really tastes soooooo good.. I love it
Thanks for helping out that night.
Thanks for all the arrangements.
Thanks for making this happened.
Love you lots.... xoxoxoxo

Credits to all my friends who came
Uncle Max : Thanks for helping out that night.. p.s next time we should use a smaller cup .. hahaha
Wai Leong : LOL.. thanks for helping out too.. & thanks for the help in the game... =D
Yuen Huey : Though you are not here but your wishes are here. thanks. get well soon :)
Sokai & Chloe : Thanks for coming. :) Hope you enjoy the night..thanks a lot a lot
Suk Ping : hahahaha... my tiles... T_T jkjk ... thanks for coming ping ping...
Alfred : Thanks for coming as well.. we really can start up a bbq restaurant.. XD we both are good chef.
Jesx : Thanks for coming even though you are so so busy. Really appreciate that.. XD
Kc & Pearly : Thanks for coming.. I'm sorry if you feel bored.. but thanks a lot for everything.

Thanks for the presents and the surprises too.. :)

Thanks for all my beloved relatives
Thanks for coming and thanks for all the wishes. :)
Thanks for the cake too.. It really tastes soooo good.

Thanks to all my BABES
Thanks dear vic vic
Thanks dear Jennie
Thanks dear Chie
Thanks dear Sherly
I enjoyed yesterday night.
We should really do that more often.. no kidding..
p.s Sherly, make sure you can make it next time.. wakakakka =D
Love ya lots... xoxoxo

p.s ****I would like to thanks to a special friend of mine, Thanks for your flowers. I'm really surprise.. :) hugsss

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