Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Sotong

It's my 20th birthday~
But I'm not as excited as I was expected.
Seriously, I don't really longed for this day to come..
Not because I don't want to grow up.
Something just happened that made me don't feel like having a party.
At first, I was pretty happy that my friends and Bel are throwing me a Bday party.
But when I got blamed and scolded.
I really feel like giving up. =.='
First of all, It's my birthday, I knew i shouldn't say that the birthday girl can just sit down and do nothing.
But this is not something I planned. I don't even know what is happening.
How the hell am I going to know what to do.
I did ask but well, when someone is trying to throw you a surprise party, will they tell you what is happening? NO.
So, I marinated all the foods, prepared everything by myself, bought all the needed stuff, invited all the guests by myself.. HAPPY?
Obviously, it seems like a gathering more than my birthday party.. swt.
I am sitting in front of my pc at 2am. Playing my mini games, blogging.
You came in and all you asked was :" How much money should I return to you?"
I really appreciate if you could just greet me Happy birthday.
I don't need any party or any presents.
But you didn't.
What else can I expect. Maybe I shouldn't give a damn from the very beginning.
Birthday sucks.
Went for my 1st latin dance private lesson. :)
My partner was really good.
He can really move like a lot better than me !!!! *embarrassing-nya*
And I finally bought my latin shoes.. weeee~
I only left with my costume..
Does anyone know where to find cheap one??? XD
I'm really out of budgets. T_T
The lodging, transport, enrolment fees cost me a BOOM.
I knew he won't even sponsor me a cent.
So I have to dig up all my $ for this so-called crap competition (I don't think so..)
LOL... have to practise for like 5 days in a week T_T
My hotel project... OMG.... have to cope with final year assignments and the competition..
I hope I won't fail myself.. LOL
I miss you Rocky, I hope you like your new owner.
I couldn't stand the scene when Maria was giving Rocky away.
He might not be cute but he is adorable.
Though he don't really like me..
But I still miss him a lot.
I couldn't stop my tears from coming out when she took him away.
Dorry is leaving soon.
I will definitely miss you both so so so so so much.
Be good and love your new owner.
Love you both.. <3
I really appreciate all those buddies who greeted me. Thanks a lot :)

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