Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dad brought us to see some showroom near Mont Kiara today.
He planned to shift away since both of us are going to UK.
So, he might sell off the house. >.<
Those house are gorgeously awesome..wakakakkaka =D
But of course, extremely expensive... swt.
I wish I could stay there.
~Sunway Vivaldi~
Check this
You guys really should check it out.
Its actually a place inspired by composer Antonio Vivaldi.
This is one of the pic I took from the showroom.
Dad finally allowed me to join the 16th Penang International Ballroom Dancing Championships 2009.
Now I need to find shoes, costumes and lots of lots of time to practise..
Just wish that I won't fall and knock some other partner that night.
Wish me luck ~

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