Monday, October 12, 2009

Some random photos from my phone.

Bugs at Zara.. Look at those pants. =.=
They are as if the same height as her.. kekeke =D

Wuuuuhooo.. the 2 pro

what the hell was I doing

Sheep : From Bel
Tiny bear : From Ham

Did this last Friday, when I was in Subang Square.
It was raining heavily and business ain't that good so I went to get this done.
p.s I think it's weird. Doesn't look Indian. I believed I can draw a better one.
No offense.

Fake Henna Tattoo. It faded on the 2nd day.. SOOOOOO FAST !!
Now it looks like I drew something on my hand with magic pen. zzzz swt

Ahhhhhaaaaa... Sotong finished her super duper XXL fried rice.. LOL

Subang Square

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