Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Latin dress and Shoes all done. x

Went to get my dress done today..
yeeeeeepeeeeee. finally... x)
sob.. it costs me rm400 T_T
I know its cheap compare to the amateur one..
But who cares.. Im broke... bleh =P
This is the design that I made..
I made it shorter.. Lol.. cause I don't look sexy, so I need some help from the dress.. XD
LOL. my partner chose yellow.. not this yellow but is the highlighter yellow..
I know i know.. You might think :" ewwwwwwww... yucksssssssssssss"
I had the same thought too.. Not until my teacher said that I need sharp and strong colour to stand out.. so bo bian I have to take it.. LOL
I hope I won't look like a banana dancng in the dance floor.. =..=

My leg is so so so so so pain.
We are way too slow compare to the other couples.. T_T
We should have 4 dance routine.. And we only started cha cha, and its only half way thru..
God bless us >.<
We have major all the routine for cha cha by this week. Next week we need to start Jive..
I"m like practicing at least four hour non stop per day..
I hadn't have enough time for my hotel project..
I really need to get some time management done...

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