Friday, May 28, 2010

CHOP CHOP a thousand strands

Finally got the guts to cut my hair. It's short now. Don't ask me why I cut it short. >.< It used to be on my hips and now it's above my shoulder. Kinda love it though, hahaha. Something new :)
Thanks Karen <33333 I went to try my tongs on the end so it went super curl.. zzzzz. The end supposed to be curling in but my cacat tongs spoil the whole thing. It will be above the shoulder after I curl it in. :)

*ps the end wasn't curl =.= the kepo sotong went to curl it XD


Annie said...

Wow, your hair looks gorgeous!
I'm thinking of cutting mine this summer, dunno if I'll do it though, but you look gorgeous girl!


Reanne said...

Thanks Annie :)
Haha I actually missed my long hair. It's been 2 years since I went to the hair dresser but luckily it turned out well..
yea, you should try too.. no harm trying right :p