Monday, May 24, 2010

The jaw that bite

Hi peeps, i'm back :)
Back without a good condition cause I can't really talk and eat now. :(
Okay, first of all, As you guys knew, I went for my surgery and that made me came up with a conclusion. When a doctor says "it's not painful" please do expect a slight pain, if the doctor says "it's a bit pain" please beware!!! It will be "SUPER DUPER CHERRY BERRY EFFING PAIN"...

Before the surgery,I had 18 japs. Well I only had 9 at first but then the surgeon added another 9 of anesthetic japs due to the fear and tears I had that day(I think he knew the pain I could stand was 0). Gosh luckily dad was there to let me grab his hand during all those japs. Then he was asked to leave the room :( The doctor also told us the risks.....
-might suffer with temporary or permanent numbness at the tongue, cheeks, gum and lips.(only on the gum and tongue, hopefully they will go off soon)
-might have discoloration on the face (so far still okay)
-might have side effect, such as headache (still having it)
-might not able to taste move the tongue permanently or temporary (I still couldn't move it, I hope it's tempo)

I couldn't really see what happened in my mouth, all I could hear were the sounds of drilling, slicing, sawing, cutting, sewing and hell no that is not something you ever heard from a normal dental check-up. Oh ya, when he extracted one of my wisdom tooth, the blood splashed all over his glove, and I think all over my face, it's like a broken tap water. I almost fainted looking at it. I used to have 30 teeth, now I'm left with 22. =.= BOH GEH !!!! I swear if I would ever go through this kinda surgery again, I rather die. Trust me when I say it, I meant it.

The surgery was fast, about an hour-plus and it's done. When dad was asked to come in and have a look, I could see how shocked he was looking at me. I guess I looked bad that time. Dad said I was soooooooooooo pale and I barely could walk in a straight line. He had to hold me all the way to his car. Went home and I was in a HUGE pain (no kidding), I couldn't sleep and I feel dizzy whenever I stood up. I had 2 ponstan but they couldn't help at all. So I took another super strong painkiller by the name of --COD. Well, it took around 2 hours and I was in my deep sleep till the next morning. I slept at the guestroom cause I couldn't walk upstairs and because dad need to wake me up for meds. I woke up the next day trying to grab a drink and I fainted in front of the door instanly =.= My maid saw me and pull me over the couch, while poco thought I was playing with him @.@"

They fed me porridge water WITHOUT PORRIDGE. zzzzz It's worse than any other liquid diet I took.. and I have to wait till it's cool. Yucksssssssss. I rather starve myself but Bel and dad made me finished those yucky-so-called-porridge-water. And yeah, I went Pavillion yesterday, with all the swollen face and pains, I took painkillers so uhm it's numb.I had to put on blusher so I don't look like a vampire with swollen face(but when I got back I noticed I could barely remove my make up... PAIN). We went for ice creams and snowflakes.. haha that's all I could have for my meals. Couldn't walk much though, will get dizzy when I walked up or down. Thanks Cee for accompanying me. Thanks bel for buying me that adorable sotong, love it:) (*ps though you was there for a short while, I knew you were busy but you drove me there and accompany me till Cee arrived, thanks ^^)

My dad was worried, he was like my 24/7 nurse.. He boiled porridge water without porridge, barley without barley and he even remember when and what should I take for my meds.He checked me out like every 5mins? haha.. He even came by my office and brought me for lunch. Bel was caring too, She fed me toufu and that stupid tiny piece of toufu stucked at my wounds.. >.<" She then bought me soup, and she also brought another bowl to let the soup cool down faster (awwwww, how sweet...). She even double checked my soup to make sure it's safe to drink XD A big thanks to you both, muacks <3

awwww it took so many leave within this month, I hope I won't fail because of this :(

haha, I knew I shouldn't post this disgusting photo but yeaaaaa this is me after my surgery. Everyone laughed =.=
Bel thought I was biting cotton buds but I'm not >.< " **forgive me for such a long post. I couldn't talk that's why I posted this.. haha.. Have fun.


Kaimin said...

take care my dear..still i cannot understand how could this happen on u ><"

Stephen Lamezie Wong TF黄铁辉 said...

Walau weh, it is not right for a person to be injected so many pain killer within a day. >< you really took a big risk.

Reanne said...

Kai Min : Thanks :D Hope to see you soon.

Stephen : Lmao, yea the risk is there but who cares.., I rather not feeling any pain.. luckily I'm fine now. Just a bit numb at my left side.. :(