Saturday, May 22, 2010

The imperfect jaw

In a short while more, I'm going for my surgery. I'm actually very very very nervous and worried about it. I knew I will not feel any pain during the surgery but then I still couldn't accept the fact that the doctor is going to insert all his tools into my mouth for so many hours and I COULD HEAR THE SOUNDS !!! How I wish I could be in my deep dream when the doctor is doing it.. Due to a lot of reasons, I have to stay awake bla bla bla during the surgery. sigh~ Hopefully everything will be fine *pray pray pray*

But the good thing is I'm not going through all the swollen jaw anymore and I'm able to eat NORMALLY. But of course, I can't be eating anything except for Ice cream and jelly for the next couple of weeks. Well, what to do. >.<

Thanks for all the wishes and concerns my friends. Appreciate them a lot.. :)


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