Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lovely Touch ♥

credited to Bel ♥♥ She loves this.. I love it too.. thx

This was random. But it's nice.

"I love life because what more is there." Anthony Hopkins

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Hello peeps ~!

It's only 2 more weeks to finish my internship training and well I knew I've been complaining a lot about it. Bare with it. Working life ain't that fancy as I thought when I was in college (though it is not really a job but it sucks too). After 2 weeks, i can do whatever I want, I have plenty of time. And I better start planning on what to do now..:p

As you guys knew, I have a swollen jaw since last week and it wasn't getting any better :( Went to another doctor and I'm getting 4 minor surgeries on Saturday !!! As surgery I mean stiches, blood, pain and the worst thing --- DOCTOR !! Yea, I'm always afraid of doctor, always will forever will. Stop saying that all these are only because of what my mind thinks.. DUH~~ nono.. it's not.. Imagine if you are afraid of height and I ask you to stand on top of a cliff and tell you all these are just mind set. I guess you will probably fainted or suffocated by then XD So just bare with all the shouting and complaints. I did piercing , I did my tattoo and I knew it supposed to be scarier but it wasn't to me. I just dislike medical stuff, medicines, needles, japs, clinics, nurses and DOCTORS. If a doctor were to do a piercing on me, I swear I will shout my lungs out too. So how about asking the piercer to do the surgery for me? hahahah >.<

Can't wait to go shopping this weekend.. hahahaha. Been busy with competitions, practices and my work. So here I come... *purse crying* Hopefully I still can go this Sunday. I don't care, I want to go. And yea, please bring me for ice creams... :p



Annie said...

Aww, sorry about the surgery thing, I'll be praying for you honey, hopefully the whole experience won't be too bad, and haha "piercer conducting a surgery", you'll be just fine, I know you will!

And I love the outfit, such a darling dress and I love the shoes as well as the bow!


Reanne said...

Thanks Annie for the wishes.. :)
I'll keep my finger crossed till Saturday..haha Hopefully everything will be fine ..

Glad you are back blogging and posting ^^