Monday, May 17, 2010

It wasn't that hard to be happy :)

I was supposed to post this on Friday itself but I got home around 2am, went out on Saturday, Slept the whole Sunday and uhm here I am again posting during office hour (p.s when I don't have work to do of course XD)

Friday was fun. it's been a long time since we 3 went out to catch a movie. So we decided to go to TGIF for dinner right after my work so I can have my Choco Mudpie ( I still couldn't eat anything hard) and that's one of the restaurant that has TV so that Bel and Dad can watch their super-gan-jiong Thomas Cup badminton tournament. We went there and WAHHHH it was sooooooo packed. So we went down to Chillis, swt it was packed too. You can even see crowds standing outside the restaurant staring at the TV =.= So we went OH SUSHI. Our movie was at 1130pm and it's only 9 something right after we finished our dinner. So we decided to head to TGIF and see if we had chance to get a table, and yeah we managed to get ourselves a table and here I come my beloved MUDPIE.... ngiek ngiek.. XD And of course I'm enjoying my mudpie while the rest of the Tan's family were busy playing with their BlackBerry phone !!!! *envy* yeah yeah, I know I'm not a BlackBerry user but I'm using the so-called-inspired-BB phone --- Nokia E71.. wth.. =3

We watched IPMAN 2.... It was sooooooo nice.. worth watching.. Definitely.. I wouldn't mind watching another time.. So if anyone of you going for that movie, feel free to call me.. XD hahahahahha. Glad that dad love that movie too. Cause normally he doesn't watch love/ horror kinda movie but these kinda fighting movie will definitely catch his eyes. :)

And yeah, I told my dad about my blog and I actually noticed that he was reading my blog with his BlackBerry until the movie started >.<. Well, Bel told me "dai sei" but then wth. i don't care.. :p I write what I like here and I think it's a way to express myself so I'm okay with it.. XD Its a good thing that he can know me more perhaps? think it in a bright way. keke =3

Thanks Aunt Lily and Cee for this gorgeous killer heels.. Love it soooo much and yeah it's no kidding 5-inches heels..!! Really love it much.. thanks thanks..

Have you noticed that my face is kinda bloated.. sob sob.. my stupid jaw..

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