Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I am a Chipette :(

The next day after the ADC Amateur League Dance Championships 2010, my left cheek and neck swell like a pig head !!! I woke up and thought I was too heaty or I had a sore throat. I get prepared and noticed that it wasn't just normal sore-throat. I barely could open my mouth to brush my teeth. So, I decided not to go to work and visit the doctor later. When I woke up around 10am, damn my face was just like a chipmunks, it's like storing something besides my cheeks.
Went to the doctor and he said I had "JAW DISLOCATION". We both didn't know how I got that but gosh it was so painful. I couldn't even swallow my own saliva. I had to split it out every few seconds. I took the painkillers the doctor gave me, but it didn't help at all. I was in pain till my dad came back from China and decided to bring me to another doctor the next day.
Daddy brought me to the ENT, Head and Neck specialist and the doctor said I had muscle cramp all over the ear till the neck, that is why I could barely open and move my mouth. But this only happened to one out of a thousand people. A very rare case.. SWEAT. and apparently I'm the very unlucky one.. zzzzzzzz (maybe I talked too much =3 )
Been at home for 3 days not going to office. I think people in the office might be pissed of me cause everyone is rushing for the 3D rendering. so I had to render all the 3D at home and email to them.. i'm sorry. :(

Hopefully, I will recover as soon as possible. I've already started to miss all the food. :( I hate soft food and liquid diet. I couldn't even take a bread.. sigh~ I can't talk, smile, laugh, yawn, sneeze etc. Imagine me writing "haha" with a super solemn face but smiling in the heart. XD
I also hope my jaw alignment will go back on track or else the 3 years with braces will be a waste. :( *pray pray pray*
I look like one of them now.. T_T

What should I call this? Mashed Watermelon. ewwwww it taste so bad although it's still watermelon. I just hate disgusting-looking food.

Chicken soup with no chicken. swt O.O"

Oh ya, stay tuned for my DIY Ruffly headband and belt.
It goes well with any dress and occasion.
And it's easy. As easy I mean minimal sewing.
The cost are cheap too..

~Stay tuned~

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