Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

It was Mother's Day yesterday. I did not get to pray my mum or bring my mom some flower. Because I went to the ADC Amateur League Open Dance Championship. This is bad right? I'm sorry mum.

It's been 9 years since my mum passed away. And I still miss her every moments in my life. Every time when I'm doing something or go to somewhere, how I wished she could be here. Be here to enjoy the happy moment, or maybe go through the hard time together. You will never know how much I hoped when I get back home, my mum is waiting for me at the door, telling me that she made me cakes, pies and stuffs. Every time when I do something, I will imagine how will that be when Mum is here with us. I guess it will be fun. Having her around us. We can share the joy and happiness. But these aren't going to happen. I have to accept the fact that she wasn't here anymore. I have to be independent, have to go through everything by myself.

Happy Mother's Day


Stephen Lamezie Wong TF黄铁辉 said...

Don't worry Reanne, she is always alive in your mind and soul, she is always there to support you. =) Life might not be as perfect as it goes, but some one right for you will make it happen. Until then, hang in there. =)

Reanne said...

Thanks Stephen. I will be tough.. No matter what. I want to make her proud. :)
I knew she is always here in my heart, supporting me protecting me..

Nay-MrsNurl said...

thanx to this, u made me appreciate my mum even more than before..i know ur mum is smiling from above, knowing her daughter is doing just fine..i wish u all the best in life, dear Reanne

Reanne said...

Thanks Nay-MrsNurl for your comment :)
Wish you all the best too.. Take care