Saturday, May 8, 2010

Love to be loved ♥

It was a working day. Ish I hate working Saturday.. :(
But luckily Bel is great enough to accompany me for some shopping spree. I've been tied up with my latin dance competition and works and it's been days since I went to a shopping mall. Haha.

So, we went TGIF for lunch. We actually ordered quite a lot of food. I also ordered my favorite Brownies.. Gosh, it taste sooooooooooooooo damnnnnnn freaking gooooood. It's been awhile since I took sweet food due to my stupid wisdom tooth and I broke the rules today. Who cares, I just love it so much. The caramel and the ice cream melting in your mouth.. Yum Yum :D
We also ignored how much calories we took that meal.. All we enjoyed were the moment we chit chat and those scrumptious food..

We also went shopping. Bel actually went shopping for some DIY stuff. Incredible right. I was pretty shocked too.. But well I'm glad she did that, at least it shows the feminine side of hers.

And I actually finished a whole lomo film there. haha.. Dad will kill me.. =x I can't wait till my film was developed. I wanna see how "good" is my lomo skill.. haha

Am having another dance competition tomorrow. But my leg swelled like a pig leg. Sigh. I couldn't fit my leg into the shoe. Been soaking my legs into hot water everynight and apply medication on it but they did not work. I was thinking of visiting the doctor after this competition but I never knew it will turn that bad.. Sigh~ I could hardly go down the stairs. Wish me luck people. :( Hope I can break a leg in the dance floor. Not breaking "the real ankle". haha..

Check this out. It is a video from the competition in Penang
Click here

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