Tuesday, May 4, 2010

All I want is to be accepted and loved. I really do.

It was the 7th National Ballroom Dancing Championships. It was my 3rd competition and hell yeah I'm enjoying it :) That's not many people who joined this competition but we had fun. Besides preparing for competition we also went for good food in Penang :) And this is the very first time I joined Latin ladies event. My beginner event was kinda unfit cause the cha cha dance was out of pitch, but we managed to get into semi final for Jive. I also got the 3rd place in Ladies latin event. This was so unbelievable. I fell on the dancefloor when I was at the first hit and I sprained my leg. I was so pissedof myself, because I disappointed my partner and I sort of ruined the whole routine. I was so worried. But thanks god. We managed to get into semi-final and final, then the 3rd place. Yay~! And of course thanks for helping me to numb my leg so I can continue dancing. Thanks a lot :)

Eating " Char Kuey Teow" with coffee cups. *fun*

The ladies :)

On the way back. Look at our crowd

William & Luisa Danceworld Rocks

Camwhoring in the escalator ;p

The ladies again

My partners

My lovely partner & me

Thanks for dropping by :)

Taddaaaaaaa~ We got 3rd place in Ladies Latin Event :)
Great job. and let's do the deal this Sunday..

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