Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The boring post

Yea. It's work time again and hey here I am. Well fyi, I'm posting my blog posts when I have nothing to do. So do not think that I am "Snake-ing" during work.. :p I'm not~!
Okay, i finally get my blog's header done.. Not really finished though. It still need a little touch up. But hell ya I took like the whole day to get this done.. My stupid PS ain't co-operating with me.. Maybe I should upgrade my PS or it's a hint for me to buy a new lappie? haha

This was last weekend. I only get to post it today. Been lazy to post for the past few days.
Baby Cee curls my hair.. haha.. what do you think? I think I look like a poodle. But yea I still like curls :)
Thanks Baby Cee and B for the photo (=

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