Monday, April 26, 2010

The fine dining with the red riding hood

Went to SAGE in The Gardens hotel. It is a Japanese Fine Dining Restaurant and I highly recommend it :) I thought fine dinning is more like a food tasting kinda stuff but then I was full that night. It was great having people changing all your cutlery every time another meal was served. It was awesome to have small portion of each and every meal so you get to taste your food properly and really enjoy it instead of "blurp" it all into your tummy. Had a great night though ♥ it much. We should totally do it another time. My treat next time :)

*ps I forgot the names of them. It was too long to remember
Duck breast with Foie Gras. *yum yum*

Scallop with rice blended with fresh and dried seaweed (gosh i love this)
Some sort of fish and scallop. Nothing special but I love how the herbs taste like ♥
It was a clear soup with scallop and fresh prawns.
White Asparagus ♥♥♥
Pasta with dried seaweed :)

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Went for a night out for fine dining in a Japanese Restaurant.
Was wearing this shirt with a slack to work earlier but I added a LBD and stocking immediately after work.
I couldn’t recall where I bought this top from Fred Perry. Only remember I bought it when i was in a vacation.
Don’t really like to wear shirts because I always think that wearing shirt will make me look so formal.
But by adding another piece of LBD, i think it turns out good. I love it :)
I guess I should try matching shirts wit my outfits, they are comfy and I’m starting to like them <3

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