Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bow to the BOW

TGIF :) Finally we get to wear casual to the office :)
I’m kinda sick with all the so-called-corporate looking formal wear.
There are too many restrictions in my office so I miss my outfits :)
FYI, we have uniforms so uhm there is no way I could look good in that)
That is why I picked this lovely outfit. it’s so comfy ;D
At first, I thought it will be too over with all the ribbons stuff. But I think it turned out well.
What do you think?? :)

*never knew i’ve had so many ribbons stuff. But I’m kinda into them these days. they are lovely <3

Leave me a comment =)
Stay tuned ..

Had salmon feast *yum yum* Raw salmon, grilled honey salmon, salmon soup noodles. Hmmmmmmm
It was too hard to resist and yea that is why I skipped dance practice :p Sorry partner
White wine with all the salmons in front of me . Damn how could I miss this... :D
Went back home at 2am and yea you guys don't need to work except for me. :( haiz~
Okay I better sleep now.. Good Night peeps :)

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