Sunday, April 18, 2010

W&L Danceworld 18th Anniversary Gala Ball 2010

It's 214am now. I just got back from W&L Danceworld 18th Anniversary Gala Ball 2010. I've joined danceworld since 3 years ago and I stopped for a year. But this is the first time I attend their annual dinner. Never knew it was that fun. We dance, we crap, we eat, we rock the floor. We dance with people besides our partner. That's awesome :)
They have lots of performance too.. The funny one, the pro one. All of them are sooooo entertaining. We focus more on the dance floor instead of taking our dinner.
We tried line dance too. haha.. But I only get to cope with 2 out of 10 of the steps.. haha.. slow learner perhaps. XD
Everyone from danceworld joined the dance floor. From the beginner to the Professional. All of us dance together with no boundaries. I enjoyed my night. So do everyone, I guess. :)
So good night peeps, will see you guys on Monday. lmao..
Sweet dreams and take care.

It was a Red & Green floral theme party. So I wore like a christmas tree. haha..
Kinda hard to dance with this outfit though.
But it's my favorite Turquoise *wink*

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