Thursday, April 15, 2010

Rose Addict.

Came back pretty late. I went to the factory in Banting..
Gosh there are dusts everywhere. No air-ventilation, not even a fan! Imagine what I've gone through from 11am till 5pm..
Got a summon too.. What an unlucky day :( it's like the 3rd one since I've started to work.. ish.
I skipped dance practice today, have to catch up for a dinner.
So I just picked something comfortable from my wardrobe cause I've been wearing the fugly uniform the whole day..
I found my long lost Rose printed stockings. Love the prints and yea I accidentally tore it after the dinner.. Your parquet flooring tore my stocking :( Please change it.. hate you stupid floor.

Dad actually asked me if I'm going to take Fashion Design in UK. I thought he was about to convince me not to stay there that long. Who knows he surprised me by saying :" If you are getting Fashion Design, you shouldn't be going UK.". I was like :"Paris then?". he nodded. hahaha (I was extremely excited, no doubt).
I then told him i will see first if he could fund Bel to finish her Law course in UK and gosh he surprised me again and said :" Don't worry, I've already prepared what you guys needed.
Yeeeeeeeeepeeeeeeee~ *drums rolling, roll the red carpet on the floor, playing the march in songs* HERE I COME PARIS <3 size="2">*bare with me with all the outfit posts. I'm not really good at it. Well I have to do it for the sake of my portfolio. So have fun :)


Annie said...

I love the outfit, and I adore the tights and jewellery, great job :)


Reanne said...

Thanks Annie :)