Monday, May 31, 2010

DIY Ruffly Head Accessories

Sorry for posting this soooooo late.. Due to all the pains and surgeries, I only managed to post this now :( As some of you knew I'm not someone that really do housework and yea I'm not good with needles and thread so uhm bare with me in this post kay :p They said I have to learn how to sew in order to study fashion design so here I am, trying very hard XD Have fun aight :)

Well it looks a bit "cacat" to me, but I kinda love it :)
I love how it falls on my hair.... cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :3

Okay, here goes the tutorial.
have fun peeps~!

1 : Ribbon, any sizes. Here I'm using 1.5cm.
2 : Thread
3 : Scissors
4: Net (cut the fabric into squares) I cut them into 2inches x 2inches, you can cut them gradually, doesn't really need to be that accurate
5: light fabric ( using light weight cotton here) Don't use chiffon, I tried but it doesn't turn out nice.
6 : Needles

*Ignore my nails please*

1 : take one piece on the cotton fabric and pinch into a petal or form a bud.
2 : Then, take the net and do the same thing, wrap the first bud. (I put both fabric and pinch together...*lazy*)
3 : Measure your desire length of ribbons, and sew the fabric bud against the ribbon. ( I did not start in the middle of the ribbon because you won't be wearing it on top of your head, so sew it slightly left or right.)
4 : continue sewing the rest of the buds accordingly but remember to leave some space in between each buds. If you prefer to have a loose ruffly effect, offset the distance more. If you are using a bigger size ribbon, you might need to sew 2 or 3 buds in a row.
5 : All the buds are to be sewn in ONE DIRECTION. Keep adding buds until you think that it's enough.
6 : You can trim the fabric as you can see from the pictures above that the edges are kinda messy. but I leave it that way because it looks fine to me, and I like the way the thread came off from the fabric.

Okay, that's all for the tutorial, I hope this is helpful. Have fun and do drop me a message if you have any question.. ttfn~

*this is a gift I did for Cee, I hope you like it :) Happy belated Birthday...


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