Friday, March 26, 2010

You tore me apart..

I guess the only time I could blog is during office hours. Do not blame me for doing this. I knew it’s really wrong to do personal stuff during office hours. But try to think this way, I have nothing to do here and when I’m bored I’ll feel like sleeping. Sleeping is even worse !!

Speaking of sleeping, I was rendering my 3D yesterday and I fall asleep on my chair. My boss was called me and I was like :” HA? YES YES !”. DAMN !! Embarrassing max. I guess he will be thinking :” What is she doing here, besides sleeping and surfing the net, SHE IS DOING NOTHING !”. :(

You asked me to render a series of dry kitchen for an upcoming project. I rendered overnight on Wednesday until 3am yesterday. I did not sleep for like 30+ hours just to render this shit. And not to forget I went for dance practice every night. Until today, I came to office and found out that he asked Max to edit some jpeg which was actually the projects I’m rendering. So pissed off. Seriously sad about this.

I’ve been rendering non-stop just to submit everything on time. But apparently, you guys already rendered everything out. I knew I’m pretty useless here. But I asked you that day, is there anything I could help because I’m really sick of just sitting down. You gave me this and I’m really happy and excited. I don’t mind not sleeping just to render all these. BUT NOW I FOUND OUT THAT YOU ARE ACTUALLY ASKING ME TO DO SOMETHING THAT IS ALREADY DONE. You made me look like a fool man. This is not good.

I don’t know if I should feel glad that I’m free or should be sad that they might think I’m not capable of doing any work. I kept telling myself not to think that much. I might be over-concerned about these. But now everything was PROVED. Really hate you guys. You guys brought me down. You took away my excitement and interest in work. I’ve lost my aggressiveness in this office. I guess I should just fucking sit down and do nothing.

One little hollow sotong in the office.


Luckily I could do something I really like every night. Been practicing my dance routine every night in studio. I have lots of upcoming activities and I’m really excited about that (yea, I get excited on everything easily >.< ) . Only when I’m dancing, I could forget about everything and just sway and move with the music. We crap a lot, we laugh at anything, we gossip and we love dancing XD

Here are the upcoming events that I’ll be participated in:

11/4 KLDA Dance competiton

17/4 Danceworld dance party

2/5 Penang dance competition

9/5 ADC dance completion @ Shah Alam

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