Friday, March 19, 2010

The recent me

What am I upto recently? frankly, nothing special.. I'm like a robot, doing my daily routines, work work work.. Except for one thing which is something I won't feel tired doing it --- Dancing.

Not going to say much about my job.. Work sucks.. It's been 3 weeks and I'm still sitting and waiting for the time strike 530pm. At least Max is better, he gets to render 3D.

Speaking of dancing, I decided to take part at 2 dance competition.. One is in Shah Alam and another one will be in Penang. And my new partner will be ......*TAAADAAAA* Mr. Thomas. haha. Hope we could make a great dance partners.

He of course has to cut down on food and do more exercise. It's a must. But from what I see, he is doing really good. Good luck and thanks for the hard work.. Promise will belanja you right after the competition :)

I am going to take part at the ladies event too. It's my first time, but no harm trying. It sounds fun to me. haha Imagine 2 ladies wearing ladies constume and dance together. Kinda funny but it might turn out nice. My lady dance partner will be ms. sweetie Hollie :) Hope that we can get along well and dance the floor out *dreaming* hahaha..

Regarding my further studies, 30% of it were done.. Left with the visa applications and the offer letter from them. Not to forget our model making and internship training transcript. I have no hope at both of the subjects. Our model are way toooo late for submission and we haven't get it done yet. Internship? I don't think I can get high grades by not doing anything in the office..

I think that's it for the updates of me recently. Will be back soon (i hope). My line sucks here.

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