Thursday, March 11, 2010

This Boring week :(

Bah~ I've always wanted to post.. But I don't have internet connection at home.. :( My office blocked all the FB and blogger. So I have to be "thick face" and asked for IP address from someone I don't know just to get online in the sky lounge.. Luckily he is a kind person.. haha thanks Mr. Anonymous :)
Not going to say much though.. Pictures say a thousand words (maybe not mine XD I'm a sucky photographer )

I look weird.. Like I'm about to kill someone.. haha *evil face* *grin*

Nana & Maria

Uncle & Auntie

Bel which part of you look Hawaiian? Your head looks like INDIAN >.<
You see, the auntie behind you STUNNED.
Mandy & Papa

Aunt, Sotong & Claudia

Sotong papa & Baby sotong

@ Sky Lounge

~ Sweet Couples ~

The Pool Player.. wahsey.. Poser poser poser

Yen Huey's birthday cake

take 1 - I'm so happy

Take 2 - My mouth is so tired d..

take 3- Not enough yet???

take 4 - Finally I can cut my cake


thanks for coming guys :)

Teaching the kids to gamble

This is how sotong look at home. Well I'm not wearing a pj. It happened to be a long dress for the Hawaiian Themed Party

Concentrating on their game

Bought two flats.. Fairly cheap. haha.. love the bow but I pulled out the cystal thingy.

Last but not least, Thanks chie for accompanying me.. haha.. or else I'll be bored to death.. :)

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